If you wish to sell an investment property through our office you can do this in three different ways:

  1. We list your property on our website. INVESTINDUTCHREALESTATE.COM receives hundreds of visits by local and international investors seeking new investment. We have created this through:

    • Large network of investors through extensive experience in buying an selling investment properties as well as renting out commercial properties through our commercial real estate agency IGLO Vastgoed B.V.
    • Online advertising.
    • Active acquisition programme in which we approach owners of investment properties.
    • Weekly advertisements in (financial) newspapers.
  2. We list your investment property on our monthy newsletter. With years of experience we have built up a database with contact details of over 5.500 investors, property management companies and estate agents in the area between Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

    When selling an investment property you can also combine option 1 and 2 to achieve maximum exposure for your property.

  3. Selling one-to-one
    You can also choose to sell your property through our office on a one-to-one basis. Your property won’t be listed on our website or mailing newsletter. When selling your property this way we will inform a number of investors about this new investment opportunity. The investment will only be offered to investors of whom we have reason to believe they will be interested in this particular investment.

If you wish to sell any investment you might have please contact us to discuss the possibilities.