Voted European City of the Year 2015 by The Academy Urbanism, Rotterdam is an excellent place for investment. With strikingly distinguising architecture such as De markthal and De Rotterdam, Rotterdam is becoming increasingly popular.

A stabilising economy, rising houseprices and an increasing demand for residential rental properties make for a safe and good return on your investment. Real estate investments offered through our real estate agency generally generate an annual gross rate of return of between 7% and 10%. With additional external finance through a bank this rate of return can be increased significantly.

If you consider investing in real estate in the Rotterdam area please contact our office to discuss your wishes or any questions you may have. Apart from the properties we post on our website or on our newsletter we also have a continuous number of investment properties which we sell on a one-to-one basis. These investments will not be posted online or on our newsletter. Therefore it is important for us to know what type of investment you are seeking.

Property management

There is a number of reasons why outsourcing your property management is a wise decision. Professional property management companies have all the financial, technical and legal knowledge and local knowhow to protect your invest.

If requested we can put you into contact with several property management companies in the Rotterdam area.


Apart from property management companies we also have good contacts with several banks in the Rotterdam area. Through these banks you can request additional finance when investing in property. We can put you into contact with several of these banks to discuss any questions you may have.